I Am An Artist

I am an artist. A writer. It’s something that became my passion, the thing I pursued because I couldn’t picture a life for myself where it wasn’t.

I am not a lazy, pretentious snob who needs to get a real job. I have a real job, it doesn’t pay very much – in fact, it hasn’t paid me anything thus far – but I devote time and energy to being the best at it I possibly can, if that doesn’t make it a job, please tell me what would.

Artists don’t perform life-saving surgeries, cook meals, put criminals in jail, or build houses for people to live in, but they are just as much a part of your community as the people who do. We are your neighbors, friends, and relatives. We are human beings, and as such, are entitled to the basic human dignity of being able to pursue work that fulfills us, as-well-as to be fairly compensated for that work so as to provide for ourselves and our families without being degraded for our choice of career.


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